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Filling the Gap: Ways to Improve the Shortage of Truck Drivers

  With the median age for truck drivers pushing retirement and a severe shortage of drivers, to begin with, the U.S. Department of Transportation is putting forth two proposals. According to a recent press release from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, these proposals will make it easier for qualified applicants to earn their commercial […]


Do You Have The Right Technology To Dissect Big Data?

  For what was once a stagnant industry for best practices, the freight industry is now being bombarded with new disruptive technology on a near constant basis. Dealing with one issue means that another takes its place. Begin to understand and utilize new technology, and it becomes quickly outmoded, or there’s another system to learn. […]


Automated Trucking is Poised to Play Huge Roll in Transportation Industry

Navigating the Transition to Driverless Trucking Automated trucking is poised to play a huge roll in the transportation industry. Overall, the implications of driverless trucks have near limitless potential. Without the margin of human error, autonomous trucks are safer and more efficient. Working in tandem for one another, driverless trucks can capitalize on fuel efficiency […]


Adapting to the Growing Requirements of a Fast-Paced Supply Chain

  With the constant fluctuations in the global market, the freight industry is changing. With new technology, shipping demands, and changes in global policies, freight forwarders will also have to change to keep the pace. Logistics Trends and Insights has released their 2017 survey on the Evolution of the Freight Forwarder, which asked respondents how […]


The Real Threat for the Trucking Industry has Nothing to do with the ELD

    The electronic logging mandate (ELD) has been something of a sore subject for the trucking industry as many companies worry about it cutting into their efficiency and, subsequently, profit margins. However, the real threat for the trucking industry has nothing to do with the ELD, but rather the growth of e-commerce. Changing the […]