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How The CFO Can Be A Change Agent In The Supply Chain

“Cash is King.” This phrase is often associated with the CFO of any organization. Balancing the general ledger and finding ways for organizations to reduce costs directly and indirectly are daily activities for the CFO. The supply chain and transportation departments are usually left to handle their own, so long as that portion of the balance sheet and […]


Why A Single Source 3PL/Freight Bill Audit & Payer Benefits Your Supply Chain

Have you ever gone out to eat, paid your bill, and later looked at your credit card or bank statement and thought to yourself “I thought I paid less than this?” It can happen any time and is completely normal since balancing our bank account and reviewing the charges is a part of everyday life. […]


The New BlueGrace Cargo Insurance Program, Powered By UPS

Adding cargo insurance provides maximum protection. With minimal hassle. Get all-inclusive coverage for your cargo — in one easy step. Now, the BlueGrace® Logistics Cargo Insurance Program, brokered by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., extends transactional cargo insurance coverage to domestic LTL and air freight shipments. No matter which carrier you select. If you think […]


Converting Logistics Complaints Into A Positive Review At BlueGrace

What are the common objections to using a 3PL? We will lose control of our carriers Why pay a middle man when we can do it ourselves? Our transportation manager will no longer be needed We have been burned in the past Objections can be viewed as complaints by both the customer and the 3PL. […]


New Years Logistics Resolutions, Are Yours Set Up To Fail?

The big joke every year is about how people will make a New Year’s Resolution and never follow through with it. There are fixes to every problem, yet some are indeed very tough to overcome. For example, to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume for a very long period of […]