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BlueGrace Logistics Announces the Relocation and Promotion of Long Time Employee

Magnus Edling Named VP to Newly Expanded Freight Sales Division Magnus Edling, recently promoted to Vice President, Freight Sales Division at BlueGrace Logistics has been with the company since inception, but hasn’t planted his roots in Tampa until now. Edling, a native of Utah, got his start in the logistics industry with DHL as an outside […]


“Hours Of Service” Ruling Gets Hosed by Results

  Safety groups are not happy, as the long awaited results have finally come in for the former Obama Administration’s proposed “Hours of Service” rule. The “Hours of Service” rule would forbid truckers from driving during the hours of 1 a.m. to 5 a.m for two nights during the mandatory restart period and reduce the flexibility […]


The War Wages On for the Self Driving Truck

If you would have asked about the possibility of a self driving car 20 years ago, chances are good that you would have been laughed at. If you asked the same question ten years ago, there might not have been quite as much laughing. If you asked that question now, however, you’d realize that the […]


BlueGrace Logistics – Why We Are Attending ConExpo 2017

This week, the transportation management team from BlueGrace will be exhibiting at the Con-Expo show in Booth #B9500 in the Bronze Lot at Con-Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The big question is “What is a Logistics company doing at a tradeshow for construction companies?” At BlueGrace we have a firm belief that we can make […]


The Evolution of Shopping: Capitalizing on Omnichannel Retailing

  There are many aspects of our daily lives that we tend to take for granted, at least when you compare it from it’s origins to where we are now. Communication, for example, has come a long way when you look at the evolution of the telephone to the cellular marvels that are housed in […]