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What Can We Expect for the IoT for 2017 and Beyond?

The IoT of 2017 The Internet of Things, an interconnected program that is supposed to provide unparalleled data for shippers and carriers, has certainly been a hot topic for the logistics industry. With 2016 well and truly in the past, it’s time to start looking forward to what 2017 will hold for this burgeoning system. […]


Tampa Manufacturing and Logistics – A Perfect Marriage.

Manufacturing in Florida, is the backbone of the state’s economy. Florida has nearly 18,000 manufacturers in all types of industries ranging from traditional such as plastics and printing to breakthrough technologies like aerospace and medical devices. Tampa Bay knows a thing or two about manufacturing and economic development, as it is home to 19 corporate […]


BlueGrace Logistics Employees Raise Over $11,000 for Moffitt Cancer Center

Cancer SUCKS Cancer is a nasty word and yet you hear it or see it every day. Your friends, family and acquaintances have all been affected by this word in some way, shape, or form. In 2017, almost 1.7 million new cases of cancer are projected. We need to find a cure for this awful […]


How Can Expedited Shipping Be A Game Changer For Your Business?

  Quick, Fast and In a Hurry You can bet that manufacturers pay close attention to the Must Arrive By Date (MABD), set by big box retailers like WalMart and Target. While big box retailers mandate Must Arrive By Dates to ensure their shelves are always stocked with products consumers want, many companies who sell products directly are often […]


The Next Generation Supply Chain

  The demands of today’s marketplace are shifting, growing, and evolving more rapidly than ever. Shippers have increasing expectations of carriers and their supply chain as a whole, requiring not only increased efficiency, but also flexibility and adaptability to respond to the events and obstacles that regularly occur in the ever shifting marketplace. Shippers have […]