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Debate This: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Systems

We saw the success of the automated fleet as it made its debut journey through Eastern Europe. The idea that something the size of a tractor trailer can link up and draft off another tractor trailer in near perfect unison seems like something out of science fiction. However, the technology is not only here, but […]


A Change of Plans: Reevaluating A Company Supply Chain

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Both are critical to running a successful business, however trying to favor one over the other can prove to be disastrous. More often than not, companies are losing out on considerable profits, or paying out tremendous expenses such as last minute shipping charges due to a lack of cohesion between sales […]


Mosaic VP Joins Leadership Team at BlueGrace

Sean Butler Announced as New Chief Human Resource Officer BlueGrace Logistics announced today that Sean Butler, former Vice President of Human Resources at Mosaic, has joined the company. Butler was named the new Chief Human Resource Officer just last week and will be leading the human resource strategy and talent acquisition efforts as BlueGrace embarks […]


Empathy in the Workplace – Why BlueGrace is Successful!

Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Take a moment and think back to some of the jobs you’ve held in your life. If you identify as a millennial, you’ve probably held several jobs since college. You maybe reach a point where you hit a ceiling, or you don’t enjoy the culture, disagree […]


Fast Facts & Predictions About ELDs – Infographic

Countdown to the ELD Mandate The time to plan for the ELD Mandate is now! With the new ELD compliance creeping up on the trucking and logistics industry, we thought it would be beneficial to show some fast facts and predictions about ELDs. What do you think about the new requirements? Click the image below […]