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The Evolution of Shopping: Capitalizing on Omnichannel Retailing

  There are many aspects of our daily lives that we tend to take for granted, at least when you compare it from it’s origins to where we are now. Communication, for example, has come a long way when you look at the evolution of the telephone to the cellular marvels that are housed in […]


BlueGrace Logistics Enterprise Division Announces the Promotion of Dustin Snipes

Snipes Earns Director of Sourcing Strategy Title In a wave of growth, longtime sales standout, Dustin Snipes, was recently promoted to the Director of Sourcing Strategy for the Enterprise Division at BlueGrace Logistics. “This only adds to the excitement and joy that I have been able to experience over the last 6 years. BlueGrace is […]


People are the Most Critical Part of the Trucking Industry

  With the turning of the year, the World Economic Forum has compiled it’s list of concerns for what will be effecting the fiscal stability of the world for the rest of the year. While there were a number of items listed as to what will be impacting the global economy, perhaps the main one was […]


The Engine Behind the Machine: The Logistics of Construction Replacement Parts

Mergers and Acquisitions have been the name of the game over the last two years, or at least that’s what is reported in the news. So far often the less reported and at a far less volume, is the relinquishment of a business unit or business from an umbrella corporation.  What happens when a business unit is relinquished […]


6th Annual Cats vs. Dogs Competition at BlueGrace Logistics

CONTEST UPDATE: Team Cats are on mission and had a huge shipment of food delivered on Monday, February 20 to the Tampa office. About Cats Vs. Dogs Each year, BlueGrace Logistics female (cats) and male (dogs) employees compete against each other to collect the most pet food in pounds. The food is then donated to […]