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BlueGrace Continues Advancement with Key Franchise Acquisition

Tampa 3PL on Track to Huge Growth with Purchase of BlueGrace ORD BlueGrace Logistics continues to drive to the top of the Third Party Logistics (3PL) industry with yet another purchase of a prominent franchise in Chicago, Illinois. The growth capabilities within the logistics, freight and shipping market is unprecedented and BlueGrace Logistics will continue […]


Carrier Spotlight | Southeastern Freight Lines

Trust Your Freight with Southeastern Freight Lines BlueGrace Logistics works with a long list of carriers to help businesses move their freight across the country, so in a series of blog posts we want to shed light on a few of our core carriers and explain the benefits that our shippers receive when they do business with […]


Beauty & Fitness Product Retailers Face Tighter Supplier Compliance Mandates

  Peak season is now upon us as retailers and other businesses alike prepare for the back-to-school rush as well as the holiday season. For the beauty and fitness products retail categories, there’s no holding back. Market research firm, IBIS World, estimates the US cosmetic & beauty products manufacturing group is valued at about $48.2 […]


BlueGrace Logistics is Busting Through the Walls

BlueGrace Logistics is literally busting through walls as they continue to experience extreme growth with new hires and acquistions. What was once a small space that housed 24 employees, is now a buzzing 29,000 square foot office space that is home to a whopping 262 employees; and that number is steadily increasing on a weekly basis. BlueGrace is growing […]


Are you Putting all of Your Transportation Eggs in One Basket?

The idiom of “putting all of your eggs in one basket” is used very loosely in today’s society. It was originally coined to talk about investments and meant that you should diversify your portfolio when investing in stocks, bonds, 401k etc. Unless you are very proficient at stocks and are spending a vast majority of your […]