The Rise of the TMS and Why You Need One

Rate, route and track… oh my!

In an era of skyrocketing fuel prices and limited capacity, transportation management systems have become quite the hot, and necessary, commodity.  Despite the confusing economy, in 2010 alone the global TMS market peaked at $625 million. This data should not come as a surprise to anyone in the transportation industry. Considering how effective these systems have been at streamlining processes and cutting down on costs to shippers, it’s no wonder 3PLs have been utilizing these solutions for nearly two decades.

Basic features of a TMS:

  • Help create loads
  • Determine the shortest routes and best utilization of carriers
  • Manage orders and transport tenders
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Control freight payment
  • Provide visibility
  • Monitor carrier performance


How they help:

BlueGrace Logistics’ BlueShip® and other transportation management systems are highly beneficial to cut down on costs in your business. Companies have been known to experience cost reductions anywhere from 5-15% or more. Retailer chargebacks, for example, are cut down on improvements in customer service, business processes, and resource management.

These systems accelerate reaction times by increasing visibility and productivity. Real-time event management is crucial in logistics. With longer supply chains and lead times, the need for visibility systems is greater than ever. A faster reaction time means more solved problems, leaving excess time to devote to the core matters of your operation.


Why wait? 

Shippers don’t have to adapt all of their processes to an off-the-shelf application any longer. With systems like BlueShip, you can create an interface that’s custom designed to fit your unique needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all establishment.  Don’t worry, this kind of customization won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately for shippers of BlueGrace, 24-7 access to the online transportation management system is absolutely free!

If you’re interested in learning how BlueShip can enhance your business, feel free to contact our team and we can walk you through it. Is your business currently using a TMS but wonder how ours compares? Contact us, we’d be happy to show you the BlueGrace way!