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Educating the World on Logistics with SVP Sales, Eric Chambers

It’s funny, when I was looking for my first job no one who I interviewed with knew what the term “Logistics” meant. Now, it is almost a common term given the help of the likes of UPS and FedEx.
Given the global economy and the constant pressure on businesses to be more efficient for competitive reasons, “Logistics” is now a major part of most corporate strategies. Coupled with this focus is the need for individuals well versed in this discipline. Years ago transportation was a 2nd thought and normally managed by the same person who loaded the truck. Now it’s managed by Sr. Management at most organizations or in proprietorships, the owner themselves. BlueGrace Logistics… is focused on the logistics (or overall management and implementation of transportation processes).
The world in a sense has known about logistics for ages. Armies who had supplies won the wars and new settlements staked their very lives on supplies arriving on time hoping to carry enough inventories to support them until the next delivery. Even today, relief organizations rely heavily on transportation to get food and medicine to those in need. Therefore, the education of logistics has been happening for some time, it just hasn’t been very formal. Diplomas in “Business Logistics” were rare 30 years ago; now, they are common with many universities offering degrees in it.
Multi-National Corporations are using skilled employees throughout the world to secure a competitive edge through the use of Supply Chain Management. If you look at our Enterprise Solutions, you’ll see how BlueGrace provides complete solutions as they are used in the transportation industry today. Because logistics is an ongoing process, it is time consuming and numerous studies have been done showing that up to 35% of an organizations cost is in Inventory Carrying Cost. Keeping inventories low by better planning, forecasting, and replenishment practices is a major focus for businesses to succeed.
In summary, with economic globalization there really is not a country or society not involved in Logistics. Multi-National Corporations are reaching into very remote regions for raw materials while emerging societies are providing goods and services to the more established countries of the world. Logistics is the key to making all the connections of our global society.