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Want to be someone?

History will typically show that successful companies continue to grow fast and remain special over time, eventually the success stories begin to be told on a daily basis. We’ve all heard these stories and they usually start with the discussion of the company then move into who made it big, who became someone, who helped make that company the success it is today. If you know much about Publix Supermarkets which resides just 50 miles away from us you will know thats it generated many millionaires and provided tremendous resources for it’s people to live great lives, recently it became a Fortune 100 company. The overwhelming majority of these mega success stories all begin with the individual starting as a bagger or a cashier and working their way up over the years, there are endless stories from other companies in virtually every market .

Many success stories include the employee remaining in that position for their career, they just wanted a great place to work and improve their lives but for others they wanted to do something different and they wanted be leaders. The common element in every case is that those individuals CARED THE MOST and WANTED IT THE MOST. It’s not typical that they just do “real good” at their job and wait to be pushed up the ladder, they bring ideas and desire and a tremendous work ethic, they also have the ability to be resilient to criticism and to be empathetic to all. In short, the believers and the doers end up with the great fortunes.

Bobby Harris, President and CEO
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