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Boosting Morale with the Legends of the Summer Tour Contest

Legends of the Summer Tour Contest

For over the past month, BlueGrace Logistics employees have been competing for the opportunity to win tickets to the Legends of Summer Tour featuring Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z in Miami, as well as get a one-night stay at South Beach’s infamous Loews Hotel. The contest embodied the core culture of BlueGrace which looks to boost morale, embrace positive attitude, and foster fun-spirited competition.

Throughout the past few weeks we have randomly asked point leaders what they would do different in Miami than others and what makes the trip the most appealing:

Emily_BG responded with:  “@MyBlueGrace Seeing Justin Timberlake … Being In Miami…. Hanging with my buds from BlueGrace! well……………… maybe EVERYTHING!!!”

Both sales and non-sales employees of BlueGrace have been eligible to gain points to earn raffle tickets in hopes of being drawn for the trip to Miami.   Separate criteria have been in place for sales and non-sales employees to earn their own respective points.  Points have been awarded for various achievements and recognition, such as being a teammate of the week, power tweeter, Blue Star recipient, and/or have been nominated for a Peer 2 Peer award.

The contest has been absolutely successful with a wide range of participation as well as the top point leaders have changed every week.  BlueGrace is happy to see all of the friendly competition, the overall boost in morale from within departments and managers, and was happy to push the envelope even more in making the BG Experience that much more awesome!

Coming into the last week, the winners will be drawn this Friday on April 26th.

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