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Meet Juan Ortiz


This week’s employee spotlight is on Juan Ortiz, a customer service representative here at BlueGrace’s corporate office.  The very first time meeting Juan, you would immediately be impressed with his passion for life and his caring for others.  To say that Juan is just “a customer service representative” is a complete understatement.  From the minute the BlueGrace customer calls in and speaks with Juan, they get to experience what we like to call “The BlueGrace Difference.”  Juan gets to know each one of the customers on a personal level whether it is teaching them something in Spanish (Did I forget to mention that he is also Bilingual!) or them teaching him something like how to speak with a Southern draw. Juan takes care of each customer as if they were a personal friend and goes above and beyond to put even the angriest customer at ease.  He might tell them a joke to make them laugh or even say something as simple as please and thank you. 

Juan has been with BlueGrace for just shy of 4 months.  He comes to BlueGrace with a smile on his face everyday and possesses a drive that is unsurpassable.  Prior to working for BlueGrace, Juan was a Warehouse Manager for Argix Direct for two years.  Juan joined BlueGrace with a working knowledge of the logistics industry.  Prior to his logistics experience, Juan was a police officer for 10 years.  When Juan is not striving to meet his many goals, he enjoys Latin dancing.  His Latin flair and his overwhelming exuberance are simply infectious here at BlueGrace.  BlueGrace is proud to have Juan as a team member!  If you would like to contact him, please email [email protected] or simply post a comment.