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The BG Experience: Hire People, Not Resumes

I read several hundred resumes per week and effectively get my fiction fix from there. Well, science fiction, really. Resumes, especially sales resumes are portraits of creative writing containing lots of unverifiable accomplishments and vast numbers that are not really quantifiable or relevant to anything. Resumes should really be nothing more than talking points for interviews. They tell you little about a person’s work history and even less about them as a person. What has allowed us to be successful in our hiring practices and building the exciting, fun, and largely successful organization that we have is by hiring people, not resumes. Find the right person and then train them how to do the job.

In my recent Blogs, Awesomeness and , I discuss the types of individuals we look to drive and promote our culture. We hire who we want to be. We use multiple people to interview or interact with candidates and are looking for people with the following personal characteristics:

  • Caring
  • Smart
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  • Internal Locus
  • Humble
  • Confident
  • Passionate
  • Competitive
  • Not Afraid
  • Growth Driven
  • Tad Bit Odd
  • Pack minded
  • Communicates Well
  • Tolerant

So how can you identify these qualities in a person? Ask us for “theBGexperience&rdquo interview questions & techniques. Decide upon your mission, your vision, your values and the company culture you want. Then look for the individuals to help you accomplish this end. We strive for things such as innovation and speed to market. We strive to offer OMG Customer Service. We want to make money. We want to dominate the globe. While of course we operate with the end in mind, we hire people at the core for who they are and treat them as the very foundation of everything we want to be. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

– Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales Development

Choosing the Candidate that Best Fits Your Company

Filling an open position in a company is not simply a matter of identifying someone with the right educational degree or technical ability.  Less obvious are things like social skills, workplace demeanor and communication style.  In the long run, character and chemistry are just as important as capability in building a successful team.  The bottom line is finding the right combination of skills and sensibility to deliver results while collaborating on larger collective challenges

-Jerry Morris, Human Resources 

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