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Transitioning Into the Unknown

Steve Goodman BlueGrace Logistics FranchiseeRead the incredible story of BlueGrace® Logistics franchisee and Detroit native businessman, Steve Goodman featured in the Huffington Post Detroit blog. Goodman overcame obstacles caused by a declining economy and made changes in his life so that he and his family could be happy and successful. Goodman’s advice to the millions of others experiencing similar challenges in their life are:

  • Live outside your comfort zone
  • Be coachable
  • Have an open mind to creativity
  • Do things better

BlueGrace Logistics is proud have Steve Goodman aboard the franchising program and part of our family. His experience is a testimony of success and one’s drive to greatness. If you would like to learn about how BlueGrace franchise opportunities can unlock your potential, contact us or visit the BlueGrace franchise website today.

Read the complete story of Steve Goodman, “Transitioning Into the Unknown,” in the Huffington Post.

Low-Cost Franchises Rise in Popularity – Discover BlueGrace Logistics Franchising

What could fitness businesses, mosquito control and third party logistics companies all have in common? The opportunity to be your own boss with no tricky investments! A recent CNBC article on franchise opportunities discusses the rise in popularity of low-cost franchises in the US. BlueGrace® Logistics Franchise is proof that popular and low-cost franchise opportunities do exist. A BlueGrace franchise is a service-type business growing in a $600 billion dollar shipping industry that does not require a large office space, staff, or industry experience.

Think you can’t afford to go into business for yourself?
Think again.

Financial independence is well within reach thanks to the prevalence of these inexpensive franchising opportunities. It’s simply a question of which one best fits you! There are outstanding low-cost franchise options available for entrepreneurs and experienced business owners alike. You can change your life through business ownership or diversify your business and lower your risk with proven business models like BlueGrace Logistics Franchise. The initial investment and startup costs are minimal and no previous industry or business ownership experience is necessary.

Though the investment may be smaller, you should still place thorough research at the top of your to-do list before jumping on-board the franchisee train. Below are some tips to help you succeed before and after signing on the dotted line.

  1. Understand the marketplace. You don’t need to be a subject matter expert. In fact, many franchisors prefer their owners to house their talent in sales and marketing to drive the business.
  2. Pay attention to consumer trends. Keeping a watchful eye on emerging industries and the fluctuating economy can help you stay on-top of what will be the most profitable for your business.
  3. Choose a franchisor that offers ongoing support for your team. Do they provide in-depth training to get you started out on the right foot? Do they offer advertising and marketing support?

You can see by the growing popularity and affordability that benefits to owning your own business are clear. So the question now becomes, “How can I afford not to?” 

Are you attending the International Franchise Expo (IFE) in NYC this week? We’d love to meet you – Stop by Booth #364 to meet our team and discover if a BlueGrace Franchise is right for you!