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DreamforceThe Cloud, The Cloud, The Cloud. Last week for 4 days that was pretty much all I heard about. I had the pleasure of attending the 8th annual Salesforce conference called Dreamforce. Me and 29,000 others spent 4 days listening and learning about doing without software. Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming a reality.  I have to admit the argument was pretty persuasive. It seems that more and more business functions are moving to a user license based system in The Cloud. 

What are the advantages to SaaS in The Cloud?

  • Sharing information is seamless.
  • Pay as you go is affordable for growing businesses.
  • Systems are instantly expandable.
  • No need for expensive networking computers.
  • No set-up or maintenance fees.
  • Data security.
  • If you can code, you can create.
  • Software updates are provided immediately.
  • Increased mobility through usage of your smart phones.

I remember the first time I heard about the World Wide Web back in the 90s. It all seemed so complex. What is a browser? What is this Netscape thing people are talking about? How can we get anything done with a 9600 Baud internet connection? 28.8k sounded like lightning, 56k was a brave new world. Only really lucky people had access to broadband. That’s what The Cloud feels like to me now. Instinctually I know this is important even if I am not yet sure how BlueGrace or our customers will best utilize it. Our Transportation Management System (TMS), BlueShip is Cloud based. No software needed, just internet access or an iPhone.

 That’s all for now, it’s off to The Cloud I go!

Randy Collack, COO
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