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BlueGrace Logistics Sponsored Two Fighters at UFC Fight Night 27

At UFC Fight Night 27 on Fox Sports 1 on August 28, 2013, BlueGrace Logistics was proud to sponsor two fighters in the main events.  BlueGrace sponsored Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit and Brad Tavares in two of the main card fights at UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampmann 2 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Carlos Condit fought in the main event again Martin Kampmann, and ended up having on the top fights of the night.  Condit dominated in a one sided bloody fight (primarily due to Kampmann’s bloody nose) that eventually lead to a TKO win over Kampmann in the fourth round.  The big win sets up the Natural Born Killer with likely another chance at the title when the opportunity comes around.

Five fights before Condit’s fight, Brad Tavares faced Bubba McDaniel in a middleweight bout.  After a close first round, Tavares gruadually took control of the fight between the second and third round eventually leading to a unanimous decision by the judges to award Brad Tavares the win.  This win for Tavares increases his fight record to a clean 11-1 in his MMA career and opens the door for advancement in the UFC.

BlueGrace Logistics is very excited for both fighters on their win and was very proud to be apart of important wins in their career.  Check out some of the awesome pictures we have posted from the fight on the BlueGrace Logistics Facebook page.


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BlueGrace Logistics Sponsors Carlos Condit in UFC Welterweight Championship TOMORROW NIGHT!

BlueGrace Logistics is proud to announce that we will continue the sponsorship of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Interim Titleholder Carlos Condit continues as the fighter competes in the year’s most anticipated UFC Welterweight Championship matchup against George St. Pierre. The live event will take place tomorrow, November 17, 2012 at The Bell Centre in Montreal and will be broadcast on UFC 154!  BlueGrace Logistics has been heavily involved with the sponsorship of MMA fighters, cross-branding the sport with the services of a transportation logistics provider.

“We are proud to sponsor Carlos Condit because he is a driving force representing good sportsmanship and work ethic,” says BlueGrace President and CEO Bobby Harris. “As we grow and continue to add new stakeholders to the organization, it’s important for us to have a role model who works hard, plays hard and can share a story of success. Condit does that for BlueGrace.”

We hope you’ll join us in cheering on Carlos Condit! Join the conversation on Twitter by following @carloscondit and mentioning @mybluegrace!

If you want more information on this fight or on BlueGrace, please call 1.800.MY.SHIPPING!


BlueGrace has your Truckloads covered like a Champ

BlueGrace has your Truckloads covered like a Champ
Now is the perfect time to ship full truckloads with BlueGrace® Logistics. As of July 18th, receive a $10 gift card to Fighterwarehouse for ANY shipment!

As we’re all aware, the ebb and flow of capacity, fluctuating demand and speed-to-market often poses unique challenges to shippers. A powerful way to combat this is by shipping full truckloads (TL).

Building complete loads not only promotes efficiency but supports our economy whether it’s thriving or tumultuous. By consolidating freight, you help cut your own cost because TL utilization is improved and you convert less-than-truckload shipments into less-expensive full truckloads. Why have two trucks half-full when you can have one carry the entire load?

Why ship full truckloads?

1. Faster transit times because there are no terminal stops along the route. Consolidation into full truckloads allows for direct delivery to the customer.
2. Lower costs because the price per pound drops significantly. Some companies have reduced their freight transportation costs by up to 35%!
3. Less propensity for damage claims due to decreased handling of your freight.
4. Increase and dedicated capacity for you within your core carrier bases. Choose from a shared carrier network that fits your distinct transportation needs.
5. Increased visibility into forecasting demand helps you plan ahead for more efficiently matched supply and demand.

Why use a 3PL to ship your TL?

Because full truckload shipping is generally more intricate, a 3PL’s involvement smooths out your supply chain management by considering the details of your shipment so you don’t have to. We relieve you from headaches caused by grappling over questions like:
-What is the size and shape of my freight? How will the packaging of this impact my shipping?
-What are the routes looking like where it’s being transported? Is there construction?
-How will the time of year affect my transportation? How do I plan around holidays?

Truckload logistics management is a very detailed process and utilizing powerhouses like BlueGrace® Logistics can help prepare you to make the optimal decision for your transportation needs. What this all translates into is greater volume in the system. The more volume, the better the opportunities to build full truckloads and deliver shipments more frequently.

You know the mighty punch that consolidation packs and what a 3PL can bring into the arena. Now that you know, the question becomes: why haven’t you started yet?

Now is the perfect time to ship full truckloads with BlueGrace® Logistics. As of July 18th, receive a $10 gift card to Fighterwarehouse for ANY shipment! Contact one our reliable freight experts to receive a free quote or start booking today!

BlueGrace® Logistics is a proud sponsor of Carlos Condit and many other MMA fighters.