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Meet Brent, Starting Fly Half and All Star Customer Service Rep

Brent Couffer

Brent Couffer began his career as a Customer Service Representative here at BlueGrace back in March of this year.  Brent’s role at BlueGrace is to provide the customer with top-level service by addressing any needs that may arise at any given time.  In fact, Brent even went as far as to email a customer back in forth late into the evening to ensure that a shipment was moved on time.  As Brent once told one of our inside sales rep’s, “You keep bringing in the customers and I’ll make sure that they are taken care of!” Brent’s favorite aspect of his job is putting smiles on people’s face and absorbing/learning as much as possible about the logistics industry and business in general. 

Prior to working at BlueGrace, Brent was a full time student at the University of South Florida (USF) where he studied Finance.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget to mention that he is the President and starting fly half for the USF Rugby Football team who are ranked fourth in the nation!!!  When Brent is not busy working and playing rugby, he enjoys spending time on the water in sunny Florida.  Also, he is one of our all stars on the BlueGrace Kickball Team.  If you have any questions or would like to contact Brent, please email [email protected] or post a comment. You can also follow Brent on Twitter @BGWeezy.