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Bobby Harris, BlueGrace President and CEO wins EY EOY Emerging Category

BlueGrace President and CEO, Bobby Harris, wins Emerging Category in EY’s 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Ernst & Young (EY) holds one of the nation’s most prestigious award ceremonies every year, the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Program recognizes business owners from all over the country for the accomplishments and contributions to their employees, industries and society as a whole. BlueGrace President and CEO, Bobby Harris has been nominated 4 times (2011-2014); accepted nominations 3 years (2011, 2012 and 2014); each year remarkable, this year exceptional. He took a year off to focus on the development of his company, to bring a bigger message and greater presence in 2014. With the company’s consistent growth, expansion of the franchise channel (over 50 franchises to date!), successful acquisitions, the release of BlueShip 3.0 and partnering with carriers like UPS and FedEx the awards ceremony was held at such a monumental time for Bobby and his company. Hence, he accepted this years nomination and was excited to showcase the new frontier of BlueGrace Logistics. Bobby was up against amazing contenders in the Emerging category: Daniel Cane, Co-Founder,President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine, Boca Raton and Albert Santalo, CEO, CareCloud, Miami so when the announcement came, he was more than surprised to be called as the winner this year.

“Winning this award was beyond gratifying since it was a testament to my amazing team that I love so dearly,” says Bobby Harris, President and CEO.

Anyone that knows “Bobby, the CEO”  knows that culture and philanthropy are at the forefront of every action taken at BlueGrace. It’s the center of the company’s development and is accredited the reason for it’s exponential growth and success. The second you walk on the BG production floor, the energy expels from employees and onto the needs of its customers. EY clearly displayed it in the presentation of Bobby’s award during the event gala on Thursday night. As the Emerging Category winner, he sees this award as a benchmark for the company’s current and future success.

For EY, the Emerging Category represents entrepreneurs who are leading company’s with innovative technology, streamlined practices and creative strategies/angles for the betterment of their industry and society. BlueGrace, a 3PL, is leading and changing the way businesses ship their goods around the globe. 3PL businesses are the fastest growing segment within the transportation industry; furthermore, the LTL sector falls right into the mix as the fastest growing sector therein and just happens to be one of BlueGrace’s biggest strengths next to providing leading freight shipping technology to market. Bobby and his BG Team’s biggest contribution is bringing today’s winning value creation strategies to businesses by streamlining complex processes, so much that its constantly recognized.

Congratulations Bobby! This award is well-deserved!

View the full list of Award Winners on EY’s website by clicking here.

View the EY announcement, published on CNBC by clicking here.

Stay tuned for a full event recap, including photo’s video’s and more from Bobby Harris on the event on Monday, June 16!

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MSNBC’s Your Business Invites BlueGrace President & CEO as B2B Social Media Expert

Sunday, January 4, 2014:

MSNBC’s show Your Business invited BlueGrace Logistics President & CEO to their show to speak on B2B Social Media Strategy as a subject matter expert. The CEO of America’s fastest growing Transportation and Logistics Firm and franchise listed on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List brought insight and tips to educate other businesses of America to better understand social media. The interview briefly reviewed the company’s standing in today’s marketplace followed by examples of how BlueGrace utilizes social media, primarily Twitter (the company’s primary platform for social media integration) to build relationships.

“You don’t just want marketing handling your Twitter or your Facebook, you want to everybody engaged,” says Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace in the interview with MSNBC.

Bobby Harris continued sharing the importance of why it is a mistake to overlook social media in the B2B World.  Check out the video!

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Highly Effective Social Media Strategies in a B2B World, Bobby Harris President & CEO of Blue Grace Logistics on MSNBC’s Your Business

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The Real Meaning of a Shoulder Ride

As a father to two little girls I have found myself as the proverbial donkey for the last 10 years. It’s a rare occurrence if I’m involved in any sort of walking with my girls, whether it is 20 feet or a mile, my shoulders aren’t carrying one of them. A few months ago I had pulled something in my neck rendering my shoulder ride services useless for a few days. During that time I learned just how lucky I was to be able to give shoulder-rides, albeit amidst the constant whine of newly mobile princesses. I pondered what having the privilege actually meant and listed below are some of what came to mind.

If you are giving a shoulder ride:

  1. You’re probably healthy, strong
  2. You’re carrying someone that loves you dearly
  3. You’re carrying someone that you love dearly
  4. There’s a good chance the rider is your child, in which case you are exponentially blessed for the good fortune of being able to have a child
  5. You’re likely outside or cruising a mall, breathing fresh air
  6. It’s likely you’re off work, probably headed somewhere you really want to be
  7. You almost certainly don’t have a sunburn (not earth shattering but I LOATH sunburns)
  8. You feel safe to walk openly with a small child in public areas; this is not something the entire world enjoys. If you’re lucky enough to be a US citizen then add to your blessings
  9. You’re making someone so very happy and without costing a cent
  10. If you’re not lifting a child, you’re likely lifting a teammate or friend in celebration, again, you are likely healthy and strong.
  11. You like serving others and have a kind heart, which is a true gift

This list could continue for miles but the point is you are amongst the utmost blessed should you find you’re giving a shoulder ride. Healthy, loving, loved, safe, happy, serving, and grateful are all appropriate words for those lucky enough to be carrying another. You are the real 1%, the most fortunate of all in these circumstances.

There is a strong symbolism of a shoulder ride in its power to assist another. Shoulder rides can carry someone else in time of need or simply take a little pressure off someone’s feet for a while. Maybe you can’t lift someone because you’re not near them in distance, maybe you are across the world from them. But chances are, you can lift almost anyone if you have the desire to do so.

There is a potential in all of us to give to others, to support them, and to lift them.

In many of life’s circumstances I find that it’s either necessary or simply a lot of fun if you’re carrying someone, literally or figuratively. As for me, I healed fast that week and have had an added zest for placing my heart on top of my shoulders every chance I get.


Sometimes you get to be the rider…

 Man on the shoulders of another man

 -Bobby Harris

 President & CEO