Not third party…

Lately I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the role of transportation providers, specifically the third parties. Whether it is customers, prospects, or even internally, I’ve heard companies like ours referred to as a Middle Man, a broker, or even a reseller. The closest to the mark yet, which still does not accurately depict what we do, has been a 3PL, or 3rd party logistics provider.

But there is nothing 3rd party about what we do. There is nothing 3rd party about customizing a customer’s invoice to their individual accounting needs, or consolidating their carriers on one weekly invoice so they can reconcile and pay more efficiently. There is nothing third party about setting up reports so that the right information flows into the right hands throughout the company, and that all players within a company have proper visibility over their transportation habits and spend. And there is certainly nothing third party about a live voice that answers the phone, who may be familiar with a specific account including the carriers they choose, the product they ship, and the lanes they ship to.  

Most importantly, there is absolutely nothing 3rd party about an individual who acts as a business consultant and strives to improve upon a business’ current processes. This is instead known as business process outsourcing.  In fact, by allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies, they can then continue to compete in the new global economy. No we are not a reseller and certainly not a broker. We are a transportation, technology, and logistics provider, and we help businesses do what they do better.

-Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales Development
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