“Not Interested”

All day long I hear from people who are “not interested.” It makes me wonder, what are they not interested in? They don’t want to help their company? Well I do! On a personal level, when you say you’re not interested in life, where could that lead you? Say you’re married – When your husband asked you out, what if you said “I’m not interested”? Then you would not be in your current marriage right now. What if you said you weren’t interested to that amazing job opportunity? Where would your life be? We don’t know for sure how our lives would be based on past decisions, but chances are we’d be different.

The best thing to do is listen and pay attention to the opportunities in front of you. This is what we aim for at BlueGrace. The more open you are with individuals within the company increases the chance for something great. As a logistics and technology provider, BlueGrace wants to help cut your overall costs and introduce you to other options for your business regarding your freight. When we listen to each other, we have the opportunity to do great business together. Without the listening, things stay the same… which means no growth.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

– Ariel Saiani, National Sales Rep
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