Best in Class

Pictured above is the winner of the Westminster Dog Show. The reason that I linked to this is I have been thinking of the way people are sometimes judged. I am sure this dog knows more tricks than just “sit”. He more than likely knows “follow”, “rollover,” “play dead” etc. But none of those tricks are why Sadie won Best in Class. Best in Class goes to the dog that most closely sets the standard for the breed and not the dog that does the best tricks.

I recently began my career at BlueGrace, and I want to be known as the guy who sets the standard for best in class not as the guy who can just do a few tricks. For example “sit” is pounding the phones looking for new freight business. But to be best in class, I need to understand and know about the rest of the company. There is customer service, invoicing, administration, collections (Eek), transportation management and many more things to learn. I need to be well rounded in this company if I want to be best in class.

I always think of what happens in another person’s shoes. I don’t know what Gail, Juan, Dave Scott, NickRandy etc deal with on a daily basis as of this moment, but would I like to? Of course! To be well rounded is good for my company and me. I believe everyone should share this ambition in this company and know everything about it. I studied religion, history, and politics at Florida State University (FSU). These are the things no one wants to talk about, but I wanted to know exactly what I was talking about if the conversations took place. With BlueGrace, my job and company, I want to be the same exact way!

– Dustin Snipes, Account Manager, Inside Sales
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