Why Freight Is Not Your Specialty, And It’s Ok


Why Freight Is Not Your Specialty, And It’s Ok

Logistics and transportation can seem a bit daunting at times. Even a transportation manager, with years of experience, can’t shield your company from the ever-evolving transportation sector. With the influx of private equity and venture capital coming into both struggling and growing businesses, the market will call upon more experts in the transportation department.

How can this statement be true?

Many times the Chief Financial Officer of a large distribution facility may not be getting the reporting he wants or needs to accurately forecast the profitability of the transportation department. When new investors show interest in this business, reports of key metrics, data points and KPI’s are extremely important. The CFO will often task the transportation manager with finding these reports and key metrics and most of the time, he will hear crickets. When he hears crickets, BlueGrace Logistics hears opportunity.

How do you get back in the know?

Gone are the days of manually entering data into a Transportation Management System – TMS. Freight has become a 3PL platform, integrated directly into your ERP and WMS systems. It has reduced processes and improved cost reductions. Freight has become automatic auditing of shipments and an outsourced team of logistics experts, who are always vigilant and on your side.

The future of freight is here. If you want to find out how to utilize your current freight data to visualize your key freight metrics, contact BlueGrace Logistics for your FREE Discovery Call. We will discuss where your team is today and develop options for a better and more cost efficient tomorrow.