What We Are Thankful For At BlueGrace


During the Thanksgiving holiday we want to take some time to reflect and recognize who we are thankful for.

Our list for 2015 is:


There is a huge shortage of drivers around the country and the profession is aging. Luckily the freight market is soft right now and capacity is not as tight as it has been in the past. Thank you to all the drivers, they keep our economy in motion and companies like BlueGrace Logistics in business.

Our employees

We would like to give thanks the 200 + direct employees and our 57 franchises for keeping up with our hyper growth strategy. Being a private, debt free, non-investor backed company, we hold our employees accountable to tremendous growth goals and they continue to hit all of them. Rest, relax and spend time with family this Thanksgiving, you deserve it.

Our customers

We have some of the greatest customers on Earth. They recognize our non-cookie cutter, outside the box approach. They interact with us on social media and interact with our charity and culture events. Servicing our customer is our #1 priority and we are happy we are able to service them on a daily basis.

Without these 3 groups, we could not have had such great year. We are also very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Metropolitan Ministries Box of Hope campaign again this year. BlueGrace employees and customers successfully donated food and nearly 50 turkeys to Tampa families in need. Please take the time to help others less fortunate than yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?