News: Share your Concerns!

As of 2:04 PM, the White House reported that President Obama has signed the debt ceiling bill into law. This is great news and will hopefully help to create bipartisan cooperation on the next few important steps towards rebuilding our budget of revenues and expenses. Even with this great step, many of us in the industry are still concerned with future legislation that has a large impact on the industry.

The American Transportation Research Institute is calling all industry stakeholders to complete a survey on your top concerns this year. With their call I will emphasize mine. It is important for all those with a stake in our industry to express our concerns with our colleagues, our industry leaders and our leaders in Washington. We need to be vocal as an industry to ensure that the US continues to invest in our infrastructure and our industry.

I hope that you can share my concern with the upcoming bill to help reinvest in the transportation infrastructure of the US. With a continued focus on repair and development, we can ensure that the roads are safe for truck drivers, car drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and even pedestrians. Restrictions are continuing to get tougher on drivers and more expensive on trucking companies. The lives saved from simple road repair or widening would be a great contributor towards lessening deaths on the roads and highways.

If you have any stake in the industry, complete the survey at Be heard!

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst
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