News: “Bandaids” or Duct Tape?

News has come out that the FAA shutdown has temporarily come to an end, as Congress has continued to work together to pass a temporary extension until September 16th. It is great to see that both sides are finally starting to work together towards making sure the country continues to operate. This goes to show that while there are large differences between the sides, getting Americans back to work and the loss of money for the government lights a fire.

The real question now is how long it will last. With so many important pieces of legislation being proposed to Congress, will they be able to form enough bipartisan committees and get enough support to continue these strides? I find it very hard to believe. The transportation reauthorization has been proposed “500 times by 500 different people” and no one seems to like anyone’s proposals. Word is already coming out that there may be some large differences in the approval of a gas tax extension.

It is great that they are passing some legislation, but I have started to notice that there are a lot of “bandaids” being placed on important subjects. While I appreciate the agreement to increase the debt ceiling, it seemed like just another small fix. The same is noticed with the FAA agreement, while the transportation reauthorization and gas tax could be next. It is time for Washington to take real action on these important topics. They can’t all wait until 2013, after all of the elections take place and politicians aren’t afraid of losing their seat. It’s time to start getting long-term programs finalized and build for our future. Forget bandaids, it’s time to start using duct tape. It will hold a lot longer than a bandaid! Let’s see some real ACTION!

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst
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