Daily Transportation and Logistics News – May 9, 2011

Flooding Slows Midwest Road, Rail Traffic

Widespread flooding across the US inland river system is slowing some freight and passenger transportation systems, both over the road and rail. Some areas affected were in Arkansas where parts of I-40 were closed and the Amtrak route between Illinois and Memphis was suspended.

New draft of surface transportation legislation has a sharp focus on freight

A legislative draft, the “Transportation Opportunities Act,” that has been circulating around Washington D.C. is comprised of various items that would have a direct impact on domestic supply chain and freight operations. See some of the highlights in this article.

White House disowns plan to tax car mileage

The White House on Thursday walked back a proposal to tax people based on how many miles they drive. The “Transportation Opportunities Act” was not an administration proposal according to a White House spokesman and is considered an early working draft that was never formally circulated.

AAR reports mixed volume results for week ending April 30

According to data released by the Association of American Railroads, rail traffic was mixed across different types. Carload volume was flat on an annual basis and down slightly from the previous week. Intermodal volume was up 7.8 percent over the previous year and was a slight increase over the previous week.

FMCSA Reopens HOS Docket; Comments Sought on Four New Fatigue Studies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reopened the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking comment period to allow for review of the newly presented research of four new fatigue studies that have surfaced.

U.S. to Miss Court Deadline on Truck Regulation, DOT Says

The US Transportation Department has said that it will miss a court deadline for HOS regulations so that they can continue to gather the required information to develop a proper proposal.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst