Daily Transportation and Logistics News – May 5, 2011

ray lahood | free trade agreement | transportation secretaryRay LaHood: A driving force in White House
Ray LaHood is not the standard, low profile head of the Department of Transportation that many would expect to find in a presidential Cabinet. He has become a highly visible point man for many crises and is praised for his accessibility, plain-spoken demeanor and crusades to end distracted driving and protect airline passengers from delays. Kudos to you Mr. LaHood!

US Ready to Move on FTAs with Colombia, Panama, South Korea
The Obama administration announced on Wednesday that they are ready to work with Congress to approve the free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama that have been stalled by concerns over labor issues.

President Obama’s Transportation Bill Prioritizes Livability, High-Speed Rail
A draft of the president’s full transportation bill has started floating around different circles and includes more information than the partial bill that started making rounds last week. There is still a portion of the bill that funds high-speed rail and the bill explains the new Livability Program, which helps to increase resources towards pedestrians and bicyclists.

ATA Calls for Sensible Security Credentialing
The American Trucking Associations have called on Congress to eliminate duplicate background checks for commercial drivers due to the fact that they are costly and discourage well-qualified potential drivers from entering or remaining in the industry.

Security in the supply chain still a major U.S. concern, according to Unisys
According to new research conducted by Unisys Corporation, Americans are significantly more concerned about nearly all aspects of their security compared to six months ago.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst