Daily Transportation and Logistics News – May 4, 2011

U.S. manufacturers find new promise in Mexico

Highlighting geographical proximity and improvements in transportation services, 63 percent of senior executives chose Mexico as the most attractive locale for re-sourcing manufacturing operations closer to the US market, compared to only 19 percent who would re-source to the US.

Transportation chief betting on federal infrastructure bill

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood spoke with confidence yesterday that the promise of jobs will help ensure passage of a measure this year that would pay for the nation’s aging infrastructure. He even thinks it will happen despite the divide in Congress over government spending and the federal debt.

NAFTA Trade Jumped 11.8 Percent in February

Surface transportation trade between the US, Canada and Mexico was 11.8 percent higher in February than the previous year, according to the Department of Transportation.

White House Releases Partial Highway Reauthorization Draft

The White House released a partial proposal for a six-year transportation reauthorization bill that will begin the process of testing a mileage-based funding system.

Factory Orders Climb Fifth Straight Month

The US Commerce Department reported that US factory orders rose for the fifth straight month in March, driven by a broad-based increase in orders and rising prices for food and oil.

Survey: More Larger Fleets Planning Larger Equipment Orders

Fewer freight carrier fleets say that they are planning to place equipment order in the coming quarter, but the average size of the order is the highest since 2008.

US Container Imports Drop 2.5 Percent in March

US containerized imports fell 2.5 percent in March, the first year-to-year decline in 16 months, as a weak housing market contributed to a drop in imports from Asia.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst