Daily Transportation and Logistics News – May 23, 2011

With wedding season in full force, I was out of the office last week to celebrate with my brother and family. This means that there is a ton of news in the industry to report on. I hope you all enjoy the news and enjoy the wedding season!

ATA report points to bright future for trucking (and some other modes, too)

Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management, discusses the American Trucking Association report that highlighted the fact that the United States freight economy is poised for liftoff following the depths of the Great Recession.

CBO says taxing cars by the mile could raise money for highways

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Tuesday said the imposition of a new tax on cars and trucks based on how many miles they drive would be one way of generating revenues for the federal Highway Trust Fund.

Outlook Dim for Highway Reauthorization

According to TruckingInfo, here is practically no chance that Congress will approve any increase in infrastructure investment this year, and only a small chance that it will pass any highway legislation at all. This is other than an extension of the current program that might have to include funding cuts on of around 30 percent.

Freight interests gear up for ‘combat service’ on Capitol Hill in rush to fund bill

Freight movement needs a coordinated national freight strategic plan and dedicated source of funds in the next surface transportation bill, and major industry players need to be aggressive in selling that message to legislators obsessed with cutting federal transportation spending.

Gas prices could plummet for summer driving

Gas futures are heading for the biggest monthly drop in a year as demand shrinks, refiners bring spare capacity back on line after maintenance and plants in Louisiana avoid damage from Mississippi River floods, Bloomberg reports.

Andreoli on Oil & Fuel: The fundamental problem with oil prices

Derik Andreoli discusses the majority of recent news regarding the supply side of the oil and fuel equation that strongly indicates a further tightening of oil and fuel supplies. He presents a review and brief interpretation of recent news on supply coming from the largest oil producing countries.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst