Daily Transportation and Logistics News – May 2, 2011

Deadly Storms Leave Transport Struggling

Alabama and the surrounding states are doing their best to clean up the debris and damage caused by the huge storms that passed through the areas. The debris and damage has caused transportation processes to slow down because of the closings of roads and airports in the area.

President Obama Expected to Release Proposed Transportation Bill

The news agency BNA reported on Friday that President Obama is likely to release the proposed draft of a transportation bill within the next few weeks. There shouldn’t be many surprises in the bill for those that have followed the issue since the Obama administration’s announcement of priorities in February.

Washington’s Failures Threaten Your Supply Chain

Mike Regan discusses the problems that are arising from the regulations and inactions by the government and those in Washington. Some of these issues include Hours of Service proposals and oil/gas prices, and he also lets you know what you can do.

Customs to Test Automated Manifests

US Customs and Border Protection will begin pilot-testing automated ocean and rail manifest systems designed for the Automated Commercial Environment. The ACE ocean and rail manifest systems will allow Customs to single out one container from a group for inspection and allow the others to continue in the shipping process.

An economic holding pattern

Jeff Berman weighs in on the current economic situation, which he says is in a holding pattern. He has optimism that the market place will have positive continued growth, no matter how slow it may be.

Life in the slow lane

The Economist joins in the concern for transportation infrastructure and innovation by analyzing the current situation in the US. The article has information about US highways, high-speed rail, public spending, gas prices and what needs to be done.

Commercial Trailer Net Orders, Shipments Post Double Digit Growth

According to ACT Research, net orders and shipment of commercial trailers continued the increased performance in March. Net orders rose 21 percent from February levels and also rose 109 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst