Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 9, 2011

diesel fuel prices | diesel prices | fuel increasesDiesel prices rise another 15.5 cents to $3.871 per gallon, says EIA

After an already drastic rise in diesel prices the week before, the US saw an increase of 15.5 cents. This continues a streak of 14 straight increases in prices and marks the single highest weekly increase since May 2008.

Trans-Pacific Exports Grow but Rates Fall

While the US exports to Asia are increasing, the excess capacity that remains is causing declining freight charges. It is an interesting and confusing time for many shippers and carriers, in terms of these pricing and capacity concerns.

2010 Cargo Theft Shows Significant Increase

A cargo theft report from CargoNet shows that there was a significant increase of over 300 cargo thefts from 2009 to 2010 throughout the US. Almost 50% of these thefts included electronics, which was also a huge increase over the previous year.

Rail or no rail, Nelson says Florida could owe feds millions

US Senator Bill Nelson is arguing that the ending of the high-speed rail project in Florida could end up costing the state and taxpayers $110 million of spent money towards the project. Governor Rick Scott’s office has blasted these claims but declined to respond whether the rejection of the rail system would cost money.

ATA Asks PHMSA to Block Roadside Hazmat Package Inspections

The American Trucking Associations has asked the Obama administration and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to prevent the opening and inspection of hazardous material on the side of the road.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst