Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 4, 2011

john mica | transportation committeeMica, LaHood Stump at AASHTO Meeting

Rep. John Mica and Secretary Ray LaHood both spoke to DOT leaders at an AASHTO meeting about the development of a six-year reauthorization bill and on some of the hot topics in the development of the bill and US infrastructure.

Congress approves extending SAFETEA-LU funding through September 30

The US Congress and House of Representatives both voted to extend funding related to highway, highway safety and transit programs.

Retailers Say Shorter Hours for Truck Drivers Would Increase Costs and Congestion

The National Retail Federation has voiced their concern over the new hours of service proposal, stating that it would increase costs for businesses and consumers. It would also increase congestion by requiring more trucks on the road.

Senate Panel Votes to End Rail’s Antitrust Exemption

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act to strip rail firms of a limited exemption they currently have from regular antitrust oversight. It will now need to go to the floor for passing.

U.S., Mexico focus on cross-border trucking compromise

The US and Mexico are finally working out an agreement to establish a cross-border trucking program that will ease the high tariffs placed on US goods.

Business Groups Applaud U.S.-Mexican Trucking Pact

The US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and American Trucking Associations have shown their support for the potential cross-border trucking agreement for trucking and retaliatory tariffs.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst