Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 30, 2011

infrastructure bank | transportation infrastructureKerry-Hutchison-Warner infrastructure bank would leverage private investment for revenue-generating projects
A bipartisan group of US Senators introduced a new option for a national infrastructure bank earlier this month that will help to generate private investment to fund projects focusing on transportation infrastructure. This would only fund revenue-generating projects, and the bank would operate independently of the US Department of Transportation.

Heavier Truck Freight Shifting to LTL
With the capacity in the full truckload shipping market tightened, many shippers are pushing their freight to LTL freight carriers. Heavier freight has seen a huge increase for less than truckload carriers since last November and could put changes in motion for pricing on these shipments.

ATA Chairman Tells Congress Trucking Needs a Highway Bill
American Trucking Associations chairman, Barbara Windsor told Congress on Tuesday that they need to quickly pass a new surface transportation bill that focuses on highways. She stated, “A safe, efficient system of highways is essential to our country’s economic well-being, security, and overall quality of life.”

BTS says surface trade with NAFTA partners up 19.5 percent annually in January
Surface trade between the US and NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada showed an increase of 19.5 percent between January 2010 and January 2011. The information released for the US DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics showed an increase of $67.7 billion.

Consumer Confidence Index Dips
The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index dipped from 72.0 to 63.4 in February, its steepest decline in 13 months. This index, which closely correlates to transportation spending and volume, comes with concern about inflation and income.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst