Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 29, 2011

Japan to Remain Major US Trading Partner

The US Department of Commerce has confirmed that Japan will remain on of the top US trading partners while it works through the crisis that hit their country. There has been a short-term hit due to repercussions for the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Political unrest slows global growth

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the international traffic in February of 2011 shows an increase in cargo demand of 2.3 percent compared to February 2010.

Japanese Restore Transportation Systems

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, restoration work on Japanese transportation systems made large strides to make them available as soon as possible. With all the hard work, transport minister Akihiro Ohata said that most railways, roads, airports and ports are now usable.

Government Shutdown Grows Likelier

The discussion between congressional leaders and the White House on government funding through 2010 has hit another snag, with Republicans and Democrats loudly bickering about the spending cuts.

On-Highway Diesel Prices Continue Rise After Brief Fall

Diesel prices in the US are up 2.5 cents from last week, following a week that had the first decline in prices in 16 weeks. US on-highway diesel prices are up 99.3 cents from this point last year.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst