Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 16, 2011

Kerry Introduces Infrastructure Bank

Sen. John Kerry is expected to file legislation this week to create the American Infrastructure Financing Authority that will channel private investment money for US transportation, water and energy infrastructure.

Andreoli on Oil & Fuel: Turmoil in Middle East/North Africa has taken oil markets by surprise

Derik Andreoli from Logistics Management weighs in on the effects of the turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa regions on oil markets.

Truckers Dispute Fuel Pumps Less Than the Public

As fuel prices rise, the complaints received by state weights and measures officials have steadily increased. These complaints have been limited to gasoline consumers though, as truckers seem to have a better understanding of fuel price fluctuations.

Spot Market Truck Index Hits Historic High

According to TransCore, spot market truckload freight volume rose 38 percent in February over January and 65 percent over February of 2010. This level was the highest in February since TransCore was founded in 1986.

Diesel prices continue march to $4 per gallon

Diesel prices rose for the 15th consecutive week, according to data from the Department of Energy’s EIA. The recent tragedy in Japan could also cause diesel prices to continue to increase for much longer.

FMC Reaches Compromises in Shipping Act Cases

The Federal Maritime Commission announced on Tuesday that it had reached compromise agreements with four NVOCCs after investigations of alleged violations of the Shipping Act.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst