Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 11, 2011

Rep. Defazio Opposes Funding for Mexican EOBRs, Questions Authority to Grant Mexican Carriers Permanent Access

Rep. Peter DeFazio has expressed concern of the pilot program that would allow the US DOT to fund electronic on board recorders (EOBRs) for Mexican carriers. He is challenging the proposal because it would require American taxpayers to subsidize Mexican truck compliance with American safety standards and regulations.

FMCSA Extends Comment Period on EOBR Rule

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance requested an extended comment period on the proposed rule that would replace paper logbooks with electronic devices (EOBRs).

White House remains reluctant to increase fuel taxes

With Transportation Secretary traveling to discuss the six-year surface transportation bill, many are looking at how the bill will be funded. The White House is holding strong to their message that raising the fuel taxes to cover the costs is not acceptable in today’s economy.

West Virginia’s Nick Rahall says we have a “great deficit in infrastructure,” warns against deep budget cuts

Congressman Nick Rahall has expressed his concern that cuts to transportation could put important projects at risk, and the government should be careful about which areas are cut.

‘Bold’ Transportation Proposal Leaves Senators Cold

The newest transportation bill presented by the Obama administration has left many Senators wondering still where the funding will come from. After a few weeks, no new information has been released about funding, but Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood has mentioned they are in the process of figuring it out.

Manufacturers advised to change logistics strategies

With the expansion of the Panama Canal, the setting in the industry is changing and the transformation can leave many manufacturers or other players in the industry behind. Patrick Burnson’s article suggests to plan your logistics strategies accordingly to adjust for these changes.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst