Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Mar. 1, 2011

2011 Market Trends Report: Warehouse Management Systems

Recently, a great article was written by Michael Koploy of Software Advice discussing the 2011 trends for warehouse management systems. While these trends focus on WMS software, many trends are relative to TMS and other technologies important to the transportation and supply chain process. This includes a focus on the importance of integration between a WMS and TMS system.

Time is running short for continued federal highway and transit funding

The extension of federal highway and transit funding, which was extended through March 4, will expire again at the end of the week. With the Fiscal Year 2012 budget proposal, a six-year surface transportation reauthorization was proposed, but will most likely not be passed by Friday. Another extension, this one through the end of the year, has already been proposed.

ATA Challenges Research in Hours of Service Proposal

The American Trucking Associations is continuing to battle against the FMCSA and their proposed changes to the hours of service rule, citing flaws and misconceptions from the research conducted.

FMC Publishes Tariff Exemption

The Federal Maritime Commission published its final version of the proposed rules to exempt non-vessel-operating common carriers from maintaining tariffs.

Ready for a freight pickup

Jeff Berman weighs in on the status of the industry going into the last month of the quarter for most companies.

Diesel Soars 14.3 Cents per Gallon on Oil Fears

In the biggest jump since May 2008, diesel prices soared 14.3 cents to a total of $3.716 per gallon after Libyan oil production was cut in half.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst