Daily Transportation and Logistics News – June 29, 2011

Senate Sets Action on Free Trade Agreements

A Senate panel will take steps this week to break a deadlock in Washington over three major free trade agreements that have been stalled over their potential impact on American workers. The three FTAs are with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

US DOT Announces $1.6 Billion for Transit Projects

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $1.58 billion for 27 transit projects nationwide that will improve public transportation access for millions of Americans while reducing our dependence on foreign oil and curbing air pollution.

Coast Guard, EPA Agree on Pollution Enforcement

Two years ago the US adopted international standards for regulating exhaust emissions from ships. The Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency agreed on what roles they will play in enforcing Annex VI of the International Convention for Prevention of Pollutions from Ships.

A Path to a Budget Pact

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner discusses the US deficit, Europe’s woes and the overhauling of the corporate tax system.

Some state DOTs promote tolls on interstate highways

Without a lot of federal dollars to be had for states to make large-scale repairs of upgrades to interstate highways, some officials want permission for more interstates to be converted into toll roads. This is something the OOIDA adamantly opposes.

DOT Sending Emergency Highway Funds to North Dakota

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced he is making $5 million in quick release emergency funds available to the North Dakota DOT to immediately begin restoring federal-aid highways damaged by flooding.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst
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