Daily Transportation and Logistics News – June 2, 2011

PTC mandate may be less onerous depending on outcome of White House regulatory review

The topic of Positive Train Control (PTC), which has been commonly referred to as the “unfunded mandate” in railroad circles, has a chance to be less onerous and costly as the White House moves forward with its review of federal regulations that have a negative impact on the United States economy and future growth as part of its January 2011 Executive Order on Improving Regulations and Regulatory Review.

What The Debt Ceiling Vote Means For Transportation

Yesterday, the House of Representatives took a “symbolic” vote on raising the debt ceiling without any “strings attached” – i.e., the trillion dollars worth of spending cuts the Republicans are insisting on before they’ll agree to raise the debt ceiling.

CSA 2010 A FIELD GUIDE: Untangling the BEAST

The esteemed panel of transportation analysts from Logistics Management offer shippers, carriers, and private-fleet operators the ultimate field guide for understanding and managing the complexities surrounding the implementation of CSA 2010, the biggest regulatory change to hit trucking since deregulation.

Reduce Rates with Slow-Steaming Savings, Shippers Say

Shippers are adjusting to slow steaming by ocean carriers but want carriers to use some of the savings to reduce freight rates and improve customer service, according to a survey of 290 logistics executives.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst