Daily Transportation and Logistics News – June 10, 2011

Federal HOS Research Studies Flawed, ATA, NIT League Charge
Research into driver fatigue that federal authorities recently added to the hours of service docket is fault and should not be used to make policy changes to the hours rule, the American Trucking Associations charges. The National Industrial Traffic League also said the studies are flawed and do not support conclusions by the FMCSA.

Truckers Seek Safety Standards
The ATA and OOIDA see benefits for drivers in crashworthiness standards for heavy trucks. These national trucking groups called on the Department of Transportation to begin researching the benefits of crashworthiness standards for heavy trucks.

Labor and Environmentalists Unite to Push for Transportation Reforms
The BlueGreen Alliance, a union of labor and environmental interests, has released its own vision for a transportation reauthorization. The alliance has made the reauthorization one of its top priorities for the year.

Obama Considers Tapping Oil Reserves
President Obama is keeping open the option of drawing oil out of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to drive down gasoline and other fuel prices that economists say have slowed economic growth, the White House said.

Exports are still bright spot for California
These findings coincide with anecdotal news being shared at the annual Agriculture Transportation Coalition’s meeting in San Francisco this week.

America’s crumbling infrastructure a curse for travelers
A miserable travel experience almost always includes an airport horror story. Yet one of these tends to overshadow other annoyances and lousy experiences, including bad traffic, limited public transportation options, impossible parking – the list goes on.

Customs Clears Hurdle in Simplified Filing
Customs and Border Protection announced a major step toward fulfilling a 10-year-old goal of giving importers a “single window” to government.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst