Daily Transportation and Logistics News – July 8, 2011

The two hot topics over the past few days include the new proposed transportation authorization by House Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica and the signed memorandum for the cross-border trucking agreement between the US and Mexican governments. Here are a variety of stories about each:

Mica rolls out new proposed transportation reauthorization

With the current state of transportation infrastructure at the national level still largely in flux, the Republican leadership of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee earlier today held a press conference to roll out its comprehensive, multi-year transportation reauthorization proposal.

Democrats, business spurn U.S. transportation plan

Groups from across the U.S. political spectrum on Thursday scorned a Republican proposal to slice money for transportation projects, saying the lower funding levels would threaten the country’s infrastructure and jeopardize jobs.

Mica Transpo Bill Shrinks Spending 33%, Eliminates Bike-Ped Guarantee

John Mica’s proposed transportation bill includes $230 billion over six years, which eliminates any federal guarantee for bicycle and pedestrian programs. Transit will get 20 percent of the share while highways will get 80 percent.

House T&I Democrats respond strongly against Mica proposal

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Democrats held their own news conference right on the heels of Chairman John Mica’s hearing this morning and, judging by the tone of their remarks, the two parties are not on the same page.

House T&I Committee transportation bill summary: A New Direction

Here is a downloadable PDF of Mica’s recent proposal.

NAFTA: A deal’s a deal

Patrick Burnson of Logistics Management discusses the news that the US and Mexican governments have finally inked a memorandum of understanding on a new cross-border trucking agreement and how it effects the US.

Spot Market Truckload Rates Up 4.5 Percent

Spot market truckload rates rose 4.5 percent in June from May, according to TransCore Freight Solutions, as truckload capacity dropped 7 percent.

Most Carriers Expect Driver Pay to Increase this Year

Two thirds of carriers expect driver wage increases of 1-5% in the recent Second Quarter Business Expectations Survey by Transport Capital Partners. This could affect carrier pricing in the next few months.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst
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