Daily Transportation and Logistics News – July 28, 2011

Equipment Makers Offer Idea to Fund Highways

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers says it has an idea for a revenue-neutral solution to rebuild and modernize America’s interstates without raising the fuel tax.

Dems enlist FAA workers to push for agency funding bill

Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee brought in employees of the Federal Aviation Administration to make the case for ending a congressional impasse on funding for the partially shutdown agency, saying money not allocated to the FAA was going instead to airlines’ profits.

The next meltdown: Gas tax renewal

Looking beyond the horizon of the current insoluble legislative meltdown, a nervous Democrat pointed me yesterday to the next one: Most of the gas tax is set to expire on Sept. 30.

Boehner, other GOP leaders ramp up pressure on Republicans to pass debt plan

House GOP leaders mounted a furious bid Wednesday to win support for legislation designed to ease the nation’s debt crisis, delivering a tongue-lashing to their most conservative lawmakers and casting Thursday’s roll call as nothing less than a vote of confidence in their stewardship of the chamber.

Decaying infrastructure costs U.S. billions each year, report says

As Congress debates how to meet the nation’s long-term transportation needs, decaying roads, bridges, railroads and transit systems are costing the United States $129 billion a year, according to a report issued Wednesday by a professional group whose members are responsible for designing and building such infrastructure.

Air cargo: EU set to charge U.S. airlines for carbon tax

An edict from the European Union (EU) focused on emissions reduction is drawing the ire of the United States Congress and the air cargo industry.

FAA Work Stoppages Increase

Work stoppages are spreading among aviation construction projects across the country and construction workers are being sent home, due to a continuing fight in Washington over funding the Federal Aviation Administration.

Global Air Freight Falls 3 Percent

Global air traffic declined 3 percent in June from a year ago, reflecting the air freight industry’s losing of market share to other transport modes, the International Air Transport Association [IATA] said.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst
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