Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Feb 8, 2011

obama speech | infrastructure investment | us innovationPresident Renews Call for Infrastructure Investment

President Obama met with the US Chamber of Commerce on Monday to discuss the economy and the US innovation and improvement needed to succeed as a country. He focused on the themes carried over from the State of the Union address including innovation, education and infrastructure construction. He also made promises to upgrade transportation and communication networks.

High-end counterfeit goods seized at Port of Los Angeles

In the continued effort to increase security at US ports, the Los Angeles Port Police discovered over $10 million in counterfeit electronics, stolen merchandise and bank receipts. These goods included many electronics resembling Apple iPods and iPhones.

Diesel Hits $3.51 in Tenth Straight Weekly Increase

The prices for diesel fuel have risen for the tenth straight week, putting the price at a new post-2008 high. With the tensions in Egypt, this price could continue its rise.

Amtrak’s rail line to Tampa grows in popularity

For a little hometown flavor, the Amtrak rail line has grown in popularity in the city of Tampa, meaning that this may be an indication towards larger high-speed rail projects. This may be to the disapproval of new Governor Rick Scott, who has been known to oppose the idea of high-speed passenger service in Florida.

Truckload Carriers Slow Capacity Decline

A group of five large trucking companies has slowed their reduction in capacity in 2010 and moving forward, meaning they are close to finding the sweet spot in truck counts as compared to shipper demand.

January Heavy Truck Orders Soar 320 Percent

The continued strong increase in truck orders is a large indication that carriers are ready to start replacing outdated trucks to have a better economic impact and reduce diesel fuel costs.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst