Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Feb. 22, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Distribution Impresses UT Logistics Expert

An interesting article about the way the Girl Scouts sort and distribute millions of boxes of cookies. University of Tennessee Associate Professor of Logistics, Dr. Mary Holcomb visited a warehouse to see their operations.

Panama Canal preparations under full sail

The expansion of the Panama Canal has companies across the globe strategizing new ways to use the expansion to their benefit. This expansion should help shorten transit times across the world.

Trucking Industry Steers Closer to Recovery

With the industry representing an important component to the US economy, the changes in the trucking industry can normally mean a change in a variety of other industries. The recovery shown in the trucking industry does hint towards overall recovery for businesses, however the new legislation could cause the landscape to change.

High Speed Rail supporters to converge on transportation hearing

Californians that are in support of the high-speed rail are coming together to show their support for the projects. This comes after Congressman Devin Nunes attempt to divert funds to other projects. If the funding isn’t used towards the high-speed rail projects, the money could be sent to other states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst