Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Feb. 17, 2011

LaHood Says Other States in Line for Fla. Rail Money

The funding for high-speed rail projects in Florida, which was rejected yesterday by Governor Rick Scott, will be headed to other states that are supporting the projects.

Mica ‘Deeply Disappointed’ at Fla. Ending Rail Project

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman, Rep. John Mica, has shown his disappointment with Governor Rick Scott for his rejection of federal funding for high-speed rail.

House is currently debating 2011 budget containing deep cuts to transportation

With the 2012 fiscal budget fresh in everyone’s minds, it is still important to focus on the current budget for 2011, which contains deep cuts to transportation projects.

Business as usual in the Suez…for now

With the issues in Egypt still in the forefront of the news, many are worried about the problems it can cause with transportation through the Suez Canal. For now, it seems that there is no interruption.

A free market victory

The Federal Maritime Commission has worked hard to reduce regulatory burdens and bring cost savings to the shipping industry. The FMC voted to finally relieve more than 3300 NVOCCs from many of these costs and regulatory burdens.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst