Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Feb. 14, 2011

Since I was out of commission on Thursday and Friday of last week, there has been a large amount of news to report on. Because there were so many different important topics in the transportation industry, I will keep each summary short and only provide a link in some cases. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Nadler Introduces Clean Ports Bill in House

Rep. Jerrod Nadler introduced the Clean Ports Act of 2011 to the House in order to reduce truck pollution at container ports.

FAA to examine health of air cargo industry

Obama’s $53 Billion Rail Plan: Applause, Jeers, and Many Unanswered Questions

The newly introduced plan is raising questions as to where the funding will come from.

More infrastructure investment will create jobs, boost economy, according to Treasury Sec. Geithner

Jobless Claims Drop to Lowest Since July 2008

Obama’s ratings inch up as economy improves: poll

President Obama’s job approval rating rose from 50% to 51% in January.

Trade deficit numbers tell an interesting story

Senator Moves to Reduce Rail PTC Mandate

The new bill will reduce regulatory burdens and remove a deadline for railroads to deploy positive train control technology.

Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index falls 0.3 percent in January

Lawmaker Proposes Cargo Tax for Infrastructure

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst