Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 7, 2011

2011 NAT GAS Act Introduced

The New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions of 2011 Act, or NAT GAS Act, was introduced on Wednesday. This act will help to provide incentives for the use of natural gas as vehicle fuel as well as the purchase of vehicle fueled by natural gas and the installation of natural gas vehicle refueling infrastructure.

Heavy Truck Orders Rebound in March

In the month of March, net orders for heavy trucks increased by 20.2 percent. The ordering of 29,200 units was the largest monthly order since May 2006. While these statistics are great for the month, the outlook for the industry is as follows: 180,000 Truck Shortfall Predicted for 2012.

Rising Oil Prices Beginning To Hurt US Economy

The US economy is recovering and many companies are hiring more employees these days, but the rising oil prices are a large cause for concern in the continued recovery. If gas prices continue, it could put a strain on company resources and limit the ability to hire more employees.

Cass Freight Index is up for second straight month in March

The Cass Freight Index, widely considered to be the most accurate barometer of freight volumes and market conditions, showed a 6.5 percent increase in March over February and an increase of 13.8 percent annually.

Labor Accord Clears Way for US-Colombia Trade Pact

An accord between the US and Colombia on labor protections and legal reforms means that President Obama can send the US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement to Congress for ratification within the next few weeks.

Budget Drama Casts Fresh Doubt on Plan for Transportation Funding

With the budgeting issues in the government these days, many in the transportation industry are worried about the success of plans for a large-scale transportation bill to be passed by the end of the summer.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst