Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 28, 2011

Dems seek to change conversation on gas prices

In a sign that the White House and Democrats know they need to move aggressively to change the conversation on gas prices, they have released a new set of talking points to outside allies and TV surrogates. See all the talking points in this article.

FMCSA Advisory Committee to Make Recommendations on Sleep Apnea

The next step in the federal effort to address sleep apnea in truck drivers will come this summer, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will ask a panel of advisers for recommendations on how It should proceed.

Global Port Tracker report says volumes remain on a steady path

According to the most recent edition of the Global Port Tracker report from Hackett Associates and the Bremen Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, European import and export volumes remain solid following a relatively promising report last month.

Shippers question value of slow steaming

In response to a request from the FMC for comments on the effect of slow steaming on US ocean carrier commerce, most shippers found little or no rate or service benefit. According to one ocean freight carrier, “So from a money-saving perspective, slow steaming’s advantages are negligible.”

Made in America, but expensive to ship

The National Industrial Transportation League is discussing the issues presented due to slow streaming. They mentioned the US exporters are seeing a reduction in ocean freight service frequency due to slow steaming as problematic. Exporters are finding it harder to compete against foreign companies that are not affected.

DOT Sends $100 Million to California for Trains

The Department of Transportation is sending California a $100 million grant to buy locomotives and passenger cars for two rail routes shared with freight railroads.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst