Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 22, 2011

Oberstar stresses need for partisan cooperation and infrastructure investment in NASSTRAC keynote

Former Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, James Oberstar, spoke at this week’s NASSTRAC Logistics Conference about the role of transportation infrastructure in fostering economic growth and success in the US.

Carrier execs focus on capacity, regulations, and safety in NASSTRAC panel

During a panel at the NASSTRC Logistics Conference, many carrier executives discussed managing multiple obstacles in the industry and re-growing networks to get back to full strength. These obstacles include government regulations, managing capacity, increasing fuel costs and shipper-carrier relationships and collaboration.

America’s Low Gas Prices: A Global Perspective

With many politicians and leaders fighting against reducing gas prices and the gas tax, The Infrastructurist compares US gas prices to other countries. There is also an interesting chart of costs per gallon for goods used daily.

New York Times: High-speed rail deserves continued support

The New York Times resolutely defended high-speed rail in an editorial yesterday, characterizing the elimination of remaining funds for the program this year as “harebrained.”

Heavy Truck Orders Jump 20 Percent

ACT Research has confirmed that net orders of Class 8 trucks jumped almost 20 percent in March, bringing the levels to the highest since December of 2006. This means a production backlog of over 100,000 units at the end of March.

Short Line Railroads See 9 Percent Traffic Gain

North America’s small and regional railroads have seen a surge in traffic thus far in 2011, with volume up 9 percent overall. Chemical shipping rose 11.5%, while grain shipping rose 9%, construction based materials rose 15%, metal shipping rose 10% and coal rose 4%.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst