Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 20, 2011

Obama Won’t Sacrifice Infrastructure for Deficit since the beginning of 2011

President Obama drew a line against slashing programs that upgrade the transportation infrastructure in order to cut the federal budget deficit. Obama spoke about how transportation infrastructure helps to keep businesses in the US and generate jobs.

Carrier Procurement Insights: Trucking Company Volume, Cost, and Pricing Tradeoffs

As a shipper doing business in the freight shipping industry, it is important to know how your freight complements a carrier’s network and how carriers will see your freight. This white paper helps to realize these things and show how Third Party Logistics Providers manage and utilize contract trucking.

Former FMCSA Chief Speaks out on HOS, EOBRs

Former Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator John Hill believes it is going to take Congressional action to put an end to the never-ending cycle of hours of service litigation and rewrites.

Excess capacity will keep ocean freight rates down

While 2010 was a great year for ocean carriers, with 19 out of the top 25 earning an estimated $14 billion, many industry analysts predict these earnings will be short-lived. This is because industry analysts see the margins getting smaller due to rate reductions and excess capacity.

Truckload Capacity Index Drops 10.7 Percent

The Longbow Research Weekly Truckload barometer dropped 10.7 percent last week, indicating that truck capacity is easing but still tight. This was the 2nd consecutive weekly decline, but is still up 31.7 percent.

As debt ceiling vote nears, the pressure’s on House Republican freshman

Financial industry executives, business leaders and Treasury Department officials are visiting the 87 freshman House Republicans to insist that they vote to allow the federal government to go further into debt by raising the debt ceiling.

Panama Free Trade Pact Ready for Congress

The free-trade agreement between the US and Panama is ready to be considered by Congress after Panama took actions sought by the Obama administration.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst