Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 19, 2011

Senate Bill Would Suspend 100% Scanning Deadline

The SAFE Port Reauthorization Act is a bill that renews Customs’ Automated Targeting System, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the Container Security Initiative (CSI). It also includes a provision that would suspend the July 2012 deadline for scanning all containers before they board a US bound vessel.

Top 50 trucking companies: Emerging from the shadows

John D Schulz has released the information on the top 50 trucking companies based on revenues and includes a brief description of each company. Leading trucking company CEOs weighed in and said that it’s time to pay down debt and put profit to work to recapitalize their businesses. Rock bottom rates for shippers will all be in the past as well.

Obama will use recess to seize momentum in 2012 spending fight

President Obama and the White House will be using the two-week congressional recess to try and seize momentum in its spending fight with House Republicans. The President and other House Democrats will be conducting interviews and appearances to criticize the House GOP budget for its proposed changes to Medicare.

DOT Stimulus Obligations Hit $45.5 Billion

The Department of Transportation’s total obligation of funds from the 2009 stimulus fund has reached $45.5 billion, just $2.6 billion short of the total it was authorized to spend. Most of the remainder is in rail project grants.

Diesel Pushes Higher, Crude Continues Modest Decline

Diesel fuel prices last week reached $4.105 per gallon, which showed an increase of 2.7 cents over the previous week and an increase of $1.031 over this time last year.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst