Daily Transportation and Logistics News – Apr. 18, 2011

AAPA explores new ways of funding

The American Association of Port Authorities sponsored the biennial Port Administration and Legal Issues Seminar last week than featured an in-depth discussion on port funding and public finance management.

Senate Confirms 18 Long-awaited Nominations

After a logjam of unconfirmed appointments by the Senate for over six months, 18 candidates were confirmed on Friday. Three of these candidates were confirmed for two federal transportation boards, including two for the FMC and one for the STB.

Obama Signs Repeal of 1099 Provision of Healthcare Reform

President Obama signed a bill into law on Thursday that repealed the healthcare reform law that required 1099 tax reporting, relieving small businesses of future paperwork burdens. The provision required businesses to submit a 1099 tax form for all purchases over $600.

Transportation official blasts federal agencies

Oklahoma Transportation Secretary Gary Ridley accused the US Environmental Protection Agency of running amok. The attacks from Secretary Ridley focus on the Disabilities Act, air standards and the states’ ability to use their own engineering judgement.

Used-Truck Market Continues to Gain Despite Rising Fuel Prices

While rising fuel prices have caused some concern in the light-truck and car markets, they have yet to make a big impact on heavy and medium duty trucking, according to Chris Visser, senior analyst with the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide.

– Ben Dundas, Web Analyst