Capacity Crunch Imminent As Roadcheck Inspection Spree Begins

bluegrace_capacity crunch

Written By: Steve Daniels, Account Executive at BlueGrace Logistics – 855.878.2556

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance had announced that its annual 72 hour roadcheck inspection spree will begin Tuesday June 7th and run through Thursday June 9th.

Each year the spree generates over 70,000 inspections of over the road drivers and their vehicles.

The operation is a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the Federal Motor Safety Administration and other transportation safety groups.While the inspections are applauded for their success in catching violations, they also put a crunch on capacity, or availability of drivers to haul freight. Many drivers voluntarily take themselves off the roads during this inspection spree out of fear of being pulled over for an inspection and being hit with a violation.

Other drivers are unfortunately taken off the road due to being found in violation. 2015’s inspection spree found 1,623 drivers and 9,732 vehicles to be in violation of different protocols. Although last year’s numbers were the lowest rate of violations seen since 1991, it still put a crunch on available drivers and as a result rates climbed.

Full Truckload to Be Impacted the Most.

Customers who utilize full truckload shipping will be the most impacted as LTL rates are locked in on tariffs, however if a carrier unexpectedly has vehicles from its fleet taken off the road, it can result in delays in transit and issues such as missed pickups.The BlueGrace Truckload Division has the carrier relations and industry expertise to make sure your company isn’t crushed under the weight of the capacity crunch during this year’s inspection spree.