awesomeness | corporate cultureI’ve been told you’re not supposed to promote or brag about your company. Blogs aren’t supposed to be about you. Why not? Will people really look down on us because I brag about how much I love my job? You spend over a third of your life at work. I truly hope if given the opportunity to voice your opinion about your company that you would scream from the rooftops how you think the place you spend over a third of your life at and the people you spend over a third of your life with are the very definition of “awesomeness.”

Work life balance is a myth. My father once asked me if my decision to remain in Florida at a critical point in my life was because of my job or my life. I told him that I don’t distinguish between the two. I choose to work on my own time because I share a common vision with those that I spend more time with than any other person in my sphere. I choose to spend time outside of the office with those I work with because we all have a very strong common interest that creates an impenetrable bond- we all work towards the success of our organization. Here at BlueGrace, we define success as not only global domination, but also enriching the lives of our employees, customers and vendors.

Bobby Harris is never done discovering ways to develop our culture. He reads books and friends CEO’s from all types of industries. He visits corporate offices in efforts to understand successful people-centered cultures. I’ve heard him say countless times that he would rather enjoy coming into work than to make a lot of money. I don’t see why we can’t do both. Our culture and our desire for awesomeness make it easy to have unparalleled work ethic through all levels of the company. We work long. We work hard. We work well. We have defined and redefined our customer loyalty department because we will never be satisfied providing anything less than the greatest possible customer experience in not just the logistics industry.

Our technology is the most advanced, capable and innovative in the logistics industry. Our competitors have access to the very same transportation management system backbone, so why shouldn’t I brag that we are constantly sharpening our pencil to customize BlueShip™ so that our customers can become more efficient and stay ahead of the technology curve. I was instrumental in the creation of our inside sales team. This is my single greatest professional accomplishment. How can I not blog about how each person that joins that team feels a personal responsibility for each and every one of their customers’ shipments? I’d be remiss to not tell the world how they define our culture and it’s that very culture that allows us to serve our customers so well.

So blogs are not supposed to be self-promotional? I just don’t know how else I can talk about transportation without it. Perhaps, if you aren’t promoting your organization in your blogs, then maybe your organization just isn’t awesome enough.

Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales Development