Attention Businesses! The Time To Evaluate Your Supply Chain Is Today, Not In 2016

Evaluate Your LTL Pricing Options While The Market Is Down.

Every indicator shows that tonnage is slipping and that inventories are being de-stocked. If your company sends out a yearly RFP in January or Spring forget about it! Do it now. It is entirely possible that you will be getting a general rate increase in January. Carriers are not going to give you the locked in pricing you require while tonnage and freight volumes are high. Why would they? A typical LTL request for pricing can take anywhere from 45-60 days. It is best to have a 3PL partner and industry expert like BlueGrace help evaluate your current situation.

If your company sends out the yearly RFP in January or Spring forget about it! Do it now.

Businesses that are experts in manufacturing or distributing do not have the tools necessary to look at optimization, consolidation, and dynamic routing. The state based routing matrix you are using is old news. BlueGrace can show you where you are missing out on savings, especially if you are still routing carrier partners based on destination state.

Do you need freight pay and audit service? Is it currently being outsourced?

BlueGrace provides services such as freight pay and audit service for all our customers. It is a value added service for all customers when they submit a request for pricing. BlueGrace is regarded as having the best request for pricing in the 3PL industry and this accolade comes straight from the best LTL carriers. If you want to see a significant, locked in savings rolling into 2016 it is time to act.