Will This Year’s Election Impact The Transportation Industry?


The answer is YES. Most states will be voting on different propositions that deal with transportation and traffic. In Florida alone, three different counties will vote on these issues: Polk, Alachua and Pinellas.

In Polk County, voters will head to the polls to decide whether their sales tax should increase by a penny. The increase will equate to approximately 64 million dollars per year and will be divided evenly for road improvements and transit.

In Alachua County, a similar one cent referendum is proposed, but for a contracted period of eight years. Only a portion of the money would be spent on roads and transit, with the remaining funds spent on pedestrian projects.

In Pinellas County, voters will decide on a one cent sales tax increase that will be spent on bus expansion and a rail system that will link Saint Petersburg and Clearwater.

Many other states are voting on similar propositions like Austin, Texas. Austin is among the heaviest traffic congested cities in America. There is a state proposition for highway and transit improvements, and also a city proposition for a new rail system with nearly a one billion dollar price tag.

This election has the ability to improve our highways and relieve the roads of their congestion leaving less opportunity for embargo. The relationships between the shipper and carrier is what we here at BlueGrace manage, therefore these propositions can help our business while helping other businesses in the same.